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About Face Interiors - The Business Model

About Face Interiors will transform the way you view interior design, and interior designers.  Our model is drawn from a designer, by the name of Lynette Jennings, who says "Home is a feeling in your soul".  We will use your most beloved possessions that you have acquired during different stages in your life, along with newer pieces that tell the story of where you are now, to create a masterpiece of comfort and beauty that is soulful and easy to live in. Taking some unrealistic ideal from a magazine will erode your personality and turn your house into a showpiece that is not "you". Our goal is to help you turn your home into a reflection that is truly you.  Our palette, our inspiration, will come from you.


About Face Interiors - The People

Ailsa Tulloch and Lynn Schultz, each from a distinctive background in the design field have joined forces to create About Face Interiors, which has been set up with the specific intention of combining our expertise with our clients' tastes and needs to produce results that are both beautiful and rewarding.

Lynn Schultz has a career steeped in creativity.  Decorating was her first entree into the creative arena and here she worked alongside developers and architects on commercial projects such as hotel renovations, executive boardrooms, restaurants, corporate head offices including specifying and installing the finishes for high rise office blocks.  During this time she studied project management, and took a few additional decorating courses with a doyen in interior design, Michael Dunn.

Her project management skills honed, Lynn moved into marketing and formed a face-to-face marketing agency where the scope was enormous, encompassing as it did creative concepts that traversed a broad spectrum.  Set design, show stand design and project managing the building of houses for exhibitions, decorating show houses, staging national housing exhibitions, activating concepts for advertising agents, and staging spectacular events were just some of the creative projects the agency handled. 

Lynn has a wide scope when it comes to decorating. If you have a brand new apartment or home that is ready and waiting for an infusion of elegance combined with warmth and 'personality', Lynn is the ideal person for the task.  Her considerable experience in meeting briefs to the letter, will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.  If you need a little more and would like to restructure your home, or create a beautiful commercial space, Lynn's hands-on, balanced outlook in the decorating & design field will serve you well. 



Television producer, Ailsa Tulloch has been involved in production for three decades. During this time, she developed an interest in production design and set decorating.


She is a passionate house renovator and decorator. Given her vast experience in this field, no job is too daunting for her, making her eager to pass on her highly creative and practical approach to others.


Her taste, her expertise in decorating in a variety of styles and her ability to work within a given budget are bound to ensure client satisfaction on all levels.


She has an international diploma from Chapters Interior Design Company.





Michael Taylor


 Debra Stevenson                                                                 Hans Morney     

Erna Loots


Art is a personal expression of a place in time. It creates a living dimension to any space. From time to time we will showcase local artists' work that catches our eye.



   Peter Pharoah

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