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About Face Interiors  

Our unique selling proposition is that we are chameleon like in design.  No two projects are the same.  We blend style and comfort to suit the personalities of our clients.  

About face interiors, is about meeting your brief.  We will work with your sense of style, your taste and your lifestyle.  After your home is about you, not about us.  Having said that, if a client is looking for a total make-over, we can do that too.  We handle a diversity of projects. The biggies and the little ones.  Here are a few prompts, in no particular order.

  • Window treatments.  Curtain, blinds, shutters.
  • Soft furnishings.  Sofas, scatter cushions, headboards, etc.     
  • Wooden pieces. Dining suites, dressers, consoles, side tables, coffee tables, and the rest...
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Renovations
  • Bespoke Kitchens
  • Steel work, including railings and balustrades
  • Lighting
  • Art.  Original works, and prints. 

The Biggies:

New home builds. We will work with your builder and / or architect from plan stage, foundations, wet works right through to the end.  

Renovations   Here we can appoint a builder and project manage the renovation from start to finish.  A renovation may entail moving a wall out, adding a wall,  putting in a new kitchen, updating bathrooms and landscaping the garden. 

Interiors. .  From scratch, or Revamps.  

If we handle on a "from scratch" project we will consult with our client, get his or their buy in to our proposals and then get on and make it happen. Corporate or investment apartments are a synch for About Face Interiors.  We have done plenty!  And the investor only needs to come in when all has been done.  

Revamps, are where our clients have a more hands on role to play.  We work closely with clients throughout the process.  We will toss out pieces that honestly do not work, but keep those that are special or have sentimental value.  We will brings samples, images and take you shopping is that's what it takes.  Best of all we can make just about anything.  You show us an image that really blows your hair back and we will make it for you.

There is more, of course, but you won't read it because I will get too long-winded.  Or perhaps it hasn't been done yet. So from here on think about what you want and what you need, and whether you can afford to do everything at once, or take it slowly.  



What is your look?





Charles Dwek illustrates how an early 20th century apartment in Brussels can be modernised without losing its classic lines.



A concrete wall adds texture to this urban space.  


Inspired Decor Transformation


    A Ralph Lauren Art Deco Library



Contemporary LoungeContemporary Lounge

These settings inspired us. What inspires you?



Above: A Ralph Lauren Living room. 



A Charles Baker Table & Chair




                                                                   Above: Charles Dwek Brussels Apartment

   Below: A Maldini Zeus Bookshelf. 



Michael Taylor


 Debra Stevenson                                                                 Hans Morney     

Erna Loots


Art is a personal expression of a place in time. It creates a living dimension to any space. From time to time we will showcase local .                                        
work that catches our eye.




                       Peter Pharoah

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