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About Face Interiors  offers a realistic approach to decorating.  In other words we offer a "fair trade" element to interior decorating and have taken the inaccessibility of interior design professionals out of the equation.  We will do what you want us to do no matter how small or conversely how intricate that need may be.  In determining the commitment that is required of us, we look at the scale of a project, the time we have at our disposal, and the budget that we have to work with.  For each project has a budget and we pride ourselves on our ability to honour the budget we are presented with.  Most importantly, however, we look at the outcome.  What is your expectation?

We have, over the years, worked in diverse creative environments and this has given us the ability to create a look and feel that suits the brief and the personalities,  rather than our own sense of style and taste.  We tend to err on the side of Less is More because simplicity of form will never tire.  And, although we naturally follow trends, we stay away from design trends that are quickly adopted because these will date.  As with a good wardrobe, it is important to build around classy classics and add frivolous, or trendy pieces to create expression and interest.

Since your house, apartment or office is an extension of your personality, About Face Interiors will transform your space into one that is beautiful and stylish,  that reflects your taste and lifestyle.

Investment properties feature high in our portfolio of services.  If you wish to furnish and accessorise an apartment for rental to corporate executives or expatriates, About Face Interiors will provide a complete turnkey solution.  You give us the keys; we turn your apartment into a stylish space that will create appeal to the discerning tenant, and when we return your keys, the apartment will have increased in intrinsic value. 

For more intricate projects, we have the skills and resources to give you an architectural about-face that has been on your wish list for years. Commercial projects such as restaurants, hotel foyers, guest houses, retail spaces and the re-purposing of old buildings are part and parcel of our portfolio.

What is your look?





Charles Dwek illustrates how an early 20th century apartment in Brussels can be modernised without losing its classic lines.



A concrete wall adds texture to this urban space.  


Inspired Decor Transformation


    A Ralph Lauren Art Deco Library



Contemporary LoungeContemporary Lounge

These settings inspired us. What inspires you?



Above: A Ralph Lauren Living room. 



A Charles Baker Table & Chair




                                                                   Above: Charles Dwek Brussels Apartment

   Below: A Maldini Zeus Bookshelf. 



Michael Taylor


 Debra Stevenson                                                                 Hans Morney     

Erna Loots


Art is a personal expression of a place in time. It creates a living dimension to any space. From time to time we will showcase local artists' work that catches our eye.



   Peter Pharoah

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