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Capital on The Park Corporate Apartments

The images on this page are of three one bedroomed apartments at The Capital on the Park in Sandton.  The owners of all three were off-site, one in Durban, the other in Uganda and the third in Polekwane.  The Durban owner was involved in that I kept him in the loop and he approved the pieces I put in. The other two owners left me to it.  I managed to glean long-distance what they might enjoy.  In all three instances I kept the budget as tight as I could, without compromising on the look & feel.  All corporate apartments that About Face interiors decorate are turn-key projects. 

The three apartments had identical configurations so I used the same headboard and dining set-ups in all three.  Otherwise, the living rooms set the tone. One is contemporary, the other African inspired, the third classic.  































































































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