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About Face Interiors - The Founder

Lynn Schultz has a career steeped in creativity.  Decorating was her first entree into the creative arena and here she worked alongside developers and architects on commercial projects such as hotel renovations, executive boardrooms, restaurants, corporate head offices including specifying and installing the finishes for high rise office blocks.  During this time she studied project management, and took a few additional decorating courses with a doyen in interior design, Michael Dunn.

Her project management skills honed, Lynn moved into marketing and formed a face-to-face marketing agency where the scope was enormous, encompassing as it did creative concepts that traversed a broad spectrum.  Set design, show stand design and project managing the building of houses for exhibitions, decorating show houses, staging national housing exhibitions, activating concepts for advertising agents, and staging spectacular events were just some of the creative projects the agency handled. 

Lynn has a wide scope when it comes to decorating. If you have a brand new apartment or home that is ready and waiting for an infusion of elegance combined with warmth and 'personality', Lynn is the ideal person for the task.  Her considerable experience in meeting briefs to the letter, will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.  If you need a little more and would like to restructure your home, or create a beautiful commercial space, Lynn's hands-on, balanced outlook in the decorating & design field will serve you well. 


About Face Interiors - The Inspiration

The inspiration comes from the client.  You, the client, will guide us in designing a space that is truly beautiful, and truly you.  


About Face Interiors - Customised

If we cannot find it in a store we have it made.  Our scope is huge.  We work with cabinet makers, soft furnisher makers, mild steel sculptured furniture, window treatments - blinds and curtains, lighting and even art. 

If you have rooms that need to be remodelled, or a brand new kitchen fitted, we work with excellent crafts people and builders.  Bespoke is a word in our vocabulary that is used often.  A bespoke home or commercial space to suit the individuals we work with.  

Updating bathrooms, fitting the kitchen of your dreams, or to suit your lifestyle is a synch. About Face Interiors can make it happen.  We don't have a catalogue.  Bespoke is a buzzword and we use it all the time.  


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